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 At Danley Sound Labs we build loudspeakers which are unique, not re-tooled versions of existing designs. Loudspeaker manufacturers typically make all sorts of claims for their products. Subjective superlatives and promises of performance abound! We are most certainly not following the crowd. We invite you to look behind the grille and see what is inside our loudspeakers. Danley designs cabinets like no one else. Our specifications are confirmed by an independent lab. The technology alone is not enough. Listen to a Danley. Compare Danley to the competition, and you decide how best to describe what you have heard! 

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 The Synergy Horn ™ allows Danley Sound Labs to build full range, point source loudspeakers which are phase accurate, and consistent in response over the entire coverage angle. The Synergy Horn ™ is at the heart of virtually all full range Danley loudspeakers. It is the technology which allows us to put multiple drivers of different bandwidths into a single horn, and make them behave as a single full range loudspeaker. 



Mercedes-Benz Atlanta Falcons Stadium; Turner Field; Lambeau  Green Bay Packers Field; Churchill Downs; University of Alabama;  Ralph Wilson Buffalo Bills Stadium,  BYU; University of AZ; Washington State; Michigan State; Penn State; LSU; Northwestern; Disney World, UGA; Auburn; Texas A&M;