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With over 40 years of audio-video industry experience, V|S is undoubtedly the paragon of the industry. With literally hundreds of historical high profile installations to point to,  the company brings to the table a knowledge base and unparalleled proven track record of success. 


Art and Technology

From Las Vegas to Times Square and at campuses and commercial venues throughout the nation, our fusion of art and technology has created truly iconic installations.


The Finest Offering

After a couple of decades of working with and purchasing various brands of both LED video and speaker systems, we weeded out the best from the mediocre and have locked in the finest product offering. This is ONLY what we offer.  Our extremely competitive price, coupled with the best product, will result in making the correct and most prudent choice, and most importantly, with your money spent wisely.

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Expert Advice... Gratis

Before entering this technology's unfortunate world of smoke and mirrors, and you engage the services of a paid consultant or rely upon a salesperson who does not have the knowledge base and experience that we do, give us a call or send an email. Ask lots of questions! We believe in educating the client first, and we do it without a sales pitch.  If you have all the facts and figures, you will make a wise and qualified decision. We believe, once you have that knowledge, you will gravitate toward