LED Video

LED Panels


With pitches that run the gamut from very close 1.5mm to outdoor 75mm long distant viewing, there is a specific technology that is optimum for your venue. Let us help you make the correct choice.

Panel Design


Engineering is the key to high quality displays. The brand of LED lamp determines the primary cost. The materials, whether aluminum, carbon fiber, or high grade plastics determine the integrity. The internal power supplies, scan and receiver cards, buss bars, connectors and heat dissipation determine lifespan.



Sooner or later you will experience a failure.  The display will get hit by a ball, lightning, hail, a ladder......when it does, you will quickly discover how easy it is to repair your display.  With ample spare parts on hand for quick repairs, magnetic panels release, with a slight pull, for change-outs within seconds.

Field Perimeter Displays


Paired with the best IC, these displays bring you spectacular speed and responsiveness to further energize the fan experience!  With the minimum refresh rate of 4000Hz and the gray scale of 16 bits, it  enables the high-speed camera to capture any detail played on the display without moires or any scanning lines. Broadcast image purity!



 The PID traffic system provides real-time train and bus arrival and departure information. Operational and commercial messages give passengers  need-to-know information in passageways, at entrances,platforms and concourses . 



Weight, thickness, brightness- the key determining factors! In a class by itself, our billboard displays distinguish themselves from the traditional display because 34%-53% of the size of this cabinet is hollow! The wind blows THROUGH it, which results in greatly reduced windloads and significantly cuts the costs of massive high wind load structures. This means we eliminate fans, save electricity and function efficiently without noise. The thickness of the entire display is only 12.8cm and weighs only 21kg/sq.m.